• Well done. Well done.

    • Slow clap*

    Ill wait out my ban, but to clarify, 2* things.

    1, please give a *proper* reason why im banned. Like a link or somthing. No offense.

    2, Someone has to be the antagonist. without harsh critism like that, people simply dont improve over a period of time. Yeah, ill try to be more constructive after my ban.

    3* I recently got pureVPN and i have been using the belgian server, if you banned another guy on this IP, im terribly sorry for bothering you.

    Yeah, sorry.


    Oh, if its the gordon ramsay-like review, i have no idea what got in me there.

    But yeah, respond asap.

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    • To be honest, I don't recognize your username, avatar, or profile page. I have no idea why it's listed that I blocked you. Nothing in your history seems to indicate any problems of the sort that would have warranted that response.

      I do remember issuing the ban, but not to you. I'm going to assume that there was some sort of hiccup and recind it.

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    • Actually, I just remembered. The biggest issue was with you posting someone's deleted pasta to your blog to publicly shame them. However, since you've been respectful, and have had a constructive presence otherwise, I'm willing to leave the ban recinded at this point, and call it a warning/slap on the wrist.

      For future reference, though, no one needs to be the antagonist. It is entirely possible to be respectful and give criticism at the same time.

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    • Im sorry that occured e.e, no idea what got in me. Its like i did it, then forgot it.

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